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The Grizzly

It's no good doing all this training and trail running if you don't get a chance to test and share the experiences. I also believe that it is good to have at least one special race which you always try and make it to each year. This gives you a point of reference in physical conditioning and also means you always have at least one goal in the diary. Over the past few years I have developed 2 favourites - the North Devon AONB Marathon which I have done every year since it started and The Grizzly.

Well this weekend (10/03/13) we are taking a motley business of ferrets to The Grizzly and are thoroughly looking forwards to it!!! The business also includes Hidden Ferret who is attempting The Grizzly Cub Race as her second race since a 15 year break. What could go wrong with 9 or 21 miles of cliff, river, pebble, bog, Buddhist chanting, inclement weather...?

- Papa Ferret

More ramblings coming with everything from kit to training methods and much more...