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The Grizzly Update
Well once again The Grizzly lived up to its name, especially weather wise! We all felt that we got a tad cold, especially in the snowy bits. And as for that hike up the river what was that about??? One of the problems we found with that was that at the end of the hike up the river was a steep hill so it was hard to get speed up and get the blood flowing again. This could possibly have been where I picked up my stress fracture in 4th met... Yet another year where absolute praise and thanks go out to all the helpers and supporters who endured the same weather but stood still "APPLAUSE!!!"

The bogs this year were surprisingly passable dues to being very watery and not the usual 6 foot of black clay. The Trail Ferret Business were a happy bunch at the end with Hidden Ferret, IT Ferret and Mumma Posum completing the Cub for the first time, Totally Wired Ferret completing the Full Grizzly for the first time and Silver Fox regaining his previously lost title to Papa Ferret and completing in a very respectable time. As far as we know all recoveries have been A1 except Papa Ferret who's stress fracture is on the mend and anticipates a full on scrap with Silver Fox at the London Marathon. Thank You Axe Valley Runners, Garry Perratt and all the supporters and helpers - an amazing event.